15 Do it Yourself ideas for your decor

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Inspired pallet headboards

The pallet headboard is so trendy that many decoration brands offer it. Do you fall for their style? Let yourself be inspired to make your own model, by customizing it!

Ethnic Chic Recycle Wood Headboard
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For an ethnic chic atmosphere, you will have to roll up your sleeves. Carefully disassemble your palette and sand it – ideally, you start with medium grain paper and finish with fine grain paper. Then use 3 cleats, which will be used to assemble the slats of your pallet between them. Then you just have to paint the pattern of your choice. For a more convincing, faded wash effect, use a water-based paint marker. Then finish with a varnish, and voila!

Berlingot Headboard
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It is sometimes complicated to recover two absolutely identical pallets. Do you have to deal with small and large slats? Cut, sand, paint, mix… and once you like the result, all you have to do is fix everything, again using a few cleats!

Headboard Esprit Atelier
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To make this type of headboard in a DIY version, you just need to find two identical pallets and fix them together using assembly brackets. Easy to customize, the pallet headboard is also extremely robust. You can therefore install wall sconces, which will act as a bedside lamp, as well as shelves. To add a touch of originality to your headboard, take a look at the “kitchen” section of the decorative signs. You will easily find credenza accessories to divert to accessorize your pallet headboard!

An easy do-it-yourself headboard

You don’t have a special talent for DIY? All you need to do is find a pallet in XL format. All you have to do then is sand, varnish… and decorate it with a pretty light garland. If wide pallet models are common, they can sometimes weigh down the decor. It is therefore wise to remove every other slat.

Diy Easy Pallet Headboard
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In a room with a cocooning spirit, we give pride of place to the cozy bed. To take full advantage of your pallet headboard, opt for a high version, even if it means assembling two pallets vertically.

Diy Basic Pallet Headboard
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Is it necessary to recover an irreproachable pallet to make a headboard? Certainly not ! It is only essential that the wood is sound and untreated. If the pallet shows some damage, on the other hand, it may be a good idea to expose it. This will bring a touch of authenticity to the decor of the room!

Easy Pallet Headboard
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Are you not afraid to redo the cladding of the walls? Attach the slats of your pallets directly to the wall, from floor to ceiling. If the bias is radical, this is a great idea to make an original and spectacular pallet headboard.

Floor To Ceiling Pallet Headboard
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The pallet headboard can also be romantic. To achieve your effect, the ideal is to recover one or more recent pallets, the wood of which has not had time to patina. Simply treat the wood with a varnish, to preserve its light color.

Pallet Headboard And Canopy
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For maximum effect, play the contrast card between rustic palette and delicate pattern. To achieve this, simply use a stencil and spray paint, working outdoors or in a well-ventilated space. Guaranteed effect!

Pallet Headboard With Pattern
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A sophisticated pallet headboard

Aren’t you the type to shy away from a little DIY? The realization of a headboard in pallet allows rather sophisticated creations!

Diy Headboard With Integrated Lighting
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In addition to the vertical positioning of the slats, this pallet headboard with a very contemporary design is distinguished by its backlighting, which has a maximum effect. The best, if you have fallen for a panoramic wallpaper or a colorful accent wall. To make this type of headboard, preferably rely on an LED lighting solution, easy to install, functional and which does not produce heat when the light is on.

Pallet Headboard With Integrated Storage
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The pallet headboard is often thick. Good thing: you can kill two birds with one stone by equipping it with storage. A handful of wood screws, a few cutouts, and you will have a nice space to store books and small objects.

Pallet Headboard With Integrated Shelves
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The top practical model? The pallet headboard with integrated shelves! This model works very well in the children’s room, to store night lights, toys and soft toys.

Pallet Headboard With Storage And Integrated Light
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In the older bedrooms, we take advantage of the available width to combine large niches and built-in lighting!

Pallet Headboard Niche And Sockets
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The smart idea? Integrate an electrical outlet into your pallet headboard. Convenient, for recharging the tablet or smartphone.

Pallet Headboard And Tempered Glass
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In a resolutely contemporary bedroom, the pallet headboard takes on height. We chip the idea of ​​accessorizing it with tempered glass shelves, whose high-tech design contrasts nicely with the wood. Be careful, however: this type of headboard is quite heavy. Before you start, check that the partition of the room is able to support it!

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