14-year-old creates fake recipes and accounts for skipping school – Bavaria

A 14-year-old in Upper Franconia created fake accounts and forged recipes in order to skip school. She allegedly committed several criminal offenses for forging documents, the police said. The school noticed that the 14-year-old from the Hof district was absent more and more. According to a police spokesman, she was only at school two days in two months.

In order to cover up her truancy, she is said to have first created a fake email account in the name of her teacher. The girl used the account to inform her mother that the school would remain closed. The 14-year-old pretended to be her mother on the school app and called in sick herself.

She is said to have presented fake prescriptions from a doctor to the school in order to sign off sick. According to the police spokesman, when the school asked the doctor’s office, it emerged that the 14-year-old’s office had not issued any prescriptions. In a statement, the police described the 14-year-old’s actions as “extremely inventive, but also criminal.”

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