14 tips for decorating your apartment

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What does the law say, exactly?

Before planning to put your apartment to your liking, it is important to know precisely what is authorized and what is not.

A Luminous Neutral Painting
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Painting and carpeting are allowed, with some reservations: the color and style must not be too eccentric and prevent the habitability of the premises. In other words, we forget the geometric decoration or the total black look. On the other hand, you can adopt trendy neutrals such as the color beige – wise, but warmer than white.

A Sofa In Color
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If you are afraid of missing out, bet on colorful furniture. For the sofa, fall for a trendy material in 2023, such as linen or velvet. You can also give your wooden furniture a makeover with paint.

Divert A Support To Create A Movable Partition

If you want to redevelop the apartment, be aware that it is forbidden to modify the use of the rooms and their layout. To structure the space, we therefore rely on flexible solutions, such as the shrub or the XXL indoor plant. The other trick is to create a mobile partition, simply by diverting a rack.

Smart ideas for decorating your apartment

Everyone knows the old adage: “tastes and colors…”… The fact remains that one can sometimes wonder what certain owners were thinking when choosing the tiles for the splashback or the shower.

Adhesive Tile To Revamp The Bathroom Or Kitchen
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Good news: there is now adhesive tile, and it is even able to withstand the most extreme conditions. We take the opportunity to adopt the major 2023 tiling trends, for example by opting for stickers imitating cement tiling.

An Adhesive Panoramic Wallpaper
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For large areas, opt for repositionable wallpaper. With it, you can fall for a panoramic decor, an iconic psychedelic pattern of 70s-style decor, for a Scandinavian print or a waxed concrete effect: your wallpaper will be easy to remove before leaving.

Adhesive Flooring
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And for this floor tile that is not at all to your taste? There are also suitable adhesive solutions. The principle is exactly the same as wall stickers, they are only more resistant.

Rugs To Revamp The Floor
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The carpet works miracles to warm up the interior and give it personality, especially if you play on the accumulation or if you adopt a single model in very large format. It’s also a simple and effective way to revamp the floor of your apartment without leaving your deposit on it.

Place Large Pieces Of Wall Decor On The Floor Or On A Furniture
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Whether you are a fan of vintage decoration or prefer the boho style, wall decoration is an essential element to refine the look of your apartment and create a truly warm atmosphere. Unfortunately, nothing like a wall studded with holes to lose your deposit. If there are solutions for composing a pretty wall decoration with posters, such as picture hanging strips, it is difficult to fix a very large mirror or an XXL canvas in this way. To adopt these relatively heavy decorations, cheat by taking inspiration from the loft spirit and placing your wall decorations on the floor, or by installing them on a piece of furniture.

Patterned Or Colored Curtains

Among the essential textiles at home: curtains. And if their primary function is to protect your privacy, they are surprisingly effective in pampering the decor – without jeopardizing your deposit! To succeed, go for a printed model or a trendy color. You can even find no-drill rods that attach directly to the window.

A Hanging To Dress The Wall Without Damaging It
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Vintage, hippie chic, romantic… Curtains are back in our interiors. To decorate your apartment without leaving your deposit there, we put on a model in light fabric, easy to fix with adhesive hooks without holes.

Bed linen to wake up the bedroom of adults and children

Failing to revamp the walls of the bedroom, bet on a nice bed linen. One adornment is enough to radically transform a white bedroom! And that goes for both adults and children.

Table Lamps A Decorative Asset
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Lighting plays an important role in the home. They allow you to read, cook or work comfortably, and create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere in which to relax. They are also real decorative assets! To preserve your deposit, opt for table-top models, which range from giant floor lamps to micro table lamps, in a remarkable variety of designs and colours.

And when we rent a furnished apartment?

If there are many tips for decorating an apartment when you are a tenant, the fact of occupying a furnished apartment slightly complicates the task.

Revamp Furniture With Repositionable Wallpaper
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Is the furniture in the kitchen or bathroom a bit dated, or has it seen better days? You probably know that it is possible to revamp furniture with wallpaper. In a furnished apartment, it is a question of opting for a repositionable model, in order to be able to remove everything before leaving the premises.

Small Furniture To Appropriate A Furnished Apartment
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To make the place your own, think about small pieces of furniture. If only one was needed? The side table, which is often multifunctional. It will therefore also serve as storage, a seat or a side table.

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