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© Ligne Roset

Togo sofa: the story of a revolutionary sofa

In the early 1970s, the Roset family business produced furniture exclusively for communities. It is managed by Jean Roset, grandson of its founder, who decides to take a radical turn. He surrounded himself with visionary designers, with the ambition to offer furniture in a sharp style to individuals. His project came to fruition in 1973, the year in which Ligne Roset was created. From this first year, the brand publishes a sofa that will make a lasting impression: Togo.

Togo Leather
© Ligne Roset

It is Michel Ducaroy who designs the Togo sofa. According to legend, he would have found inspiration … by brushing his teeth, and gazing at his bent toothpaste tube. Carried by the wind of freedom started in May 1968, he imagined a low model, entirely in foam, whose lines broke radically with the seriousness of the furniture very fashionable in the 1960s. If Togo was a great success with professionals and the public, it causes a scandal. Yet a legend was born. And today, it is not only available in a reading, ottoman or even a mini version, but also in a palette of several hundred colors and patterns. Terribly cocooning, Togo continues to fly over the trends and to make us crack.

The Togo sofa enters the scene

A true iconic piece, the Togo sofa is distinguished by its inimitable allure. It displays a slightly casual appearance of large cushions, on which it is good to curl up. But if it is playful, this beautiful sofa is sufficient on its own.

Togo Chateau Life Version
© Ligne Roset

Very chic cocooning atmosphere! The Togo sofa is invited here in an XXL corner version accompanied by a reading light, the whole displaying a total cream look. With its relaxed curves that contrast nicely with the setting – superb, but very strict – it redesigns the space to create a cozy atmosphere.

Togo Color Acidule
© Ligne Roset

Acidic color against sober colors: the Togo sofa plays with the delicacy of its colors to warm up this modern living room in immaculate white. Its swelling is enough to warm the atmosphere and infuse a friendly character into the room.

Togo Warm Colors And Rugs
© Ligne Roset

If it is over 40 years old, the Togo sofa is decidedly very comfortable in the most contemporary interiors. We love the combination of this baked orange color and a soft carpet, which transform this modern living room into a real cocoon.

Togo Cozy
© Ligne Roset

On the material side too, the Togo sofa knows the song. In an environment that gives pride of place to raw materials, it is chosen in a velvet version and preferably in a sophisticated color, just to create a perfect contrast.

Togo Graphic Version
© Ligne Roset

If it is casual, the Togo sofa also has enough style to put on the scene brilliantly. A mysterious setting, fiery colors and well thought out lighting, and here is a contemporary living room that seems made to make an impression.

The Togo sofa breaks away from the living room

The Togo sofa has established itself by breaking with the tradition of bourgeois living room furniture. With its seat entirely made of foam and its rounded lines, it is a real invitation to chill! No wonder he is happy to invest in other rooms, starting with the bedroom.

Togo In The Parental Suite
© Ligne Roset

A large bed, a bright space and a Togo sofa… This master suite offers such comfort – and such a peaceful aesthetic – that it is good to relax at the end of the day… or throughout the weekend !

Togo Mini Version
© Ligne Roset

Crazy, the Togo sofa in miniature version! It can be installed in the children’s room or in the playroom, where it will provide a cozy and stylish seat for the little ones! Unless you invite it into the living room, as a mini-pouf.

Tips to enhance the Togo sofa

Too low, even shapeless… Before reaching iconic status, the Togo sofa has often been abused. Beneath its casual look, it nevertheless knows how to be spectacular.

Togo Color Version
© Ligne Roset

Hanging shelves with strict lines create a perfect contrast with the generous shapes of the Togo sofa. We also remember the idea of ​​plunging lights, which add a touch of dynamism and a resolutely high-tech spirit.

Togo And Design
© Ligne Roset

In this resolutely design living room, the Togo sofa deploys its rounded shapes in an immaculate environment, which highlights the highly structured silhouette of the other pieces of furniture.

Togo Classic Chic Leather Version
© Ligne Roset

Stockier than most other sofas, the Togo model sits in front of the window without preventing the gaze from circulating. We like the colored base, which makes it possible to highlight this corner version in the classic leather color. The combination of the walls and the corner sofa creates an enveloping atmosphere, conducive to rest.

  Togo In Shades
© Ligne Roset

Corner module, ottoman, reading light… The Togo sofa is now available in a complete collection. For a cozy living room without being too massive, we forget the XXL model, and we associate different seats around the coffee table. Not only does this bring a little lightness, but the iconic curves of the sofa will be even better highlighted.

Togo Print Version
© Ligne Roset

In a minimalist environment, we dare the printed version. The secret, as always, is to dose well! We adopt the patterned fireside chair and the plain sofa – or vice versa. Be careful, however, with the total look, which could quickly turn out to be too busy, even downright kitsch!

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