12 ideas to let the light in

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When to adopt the roof canopy?

The roof canopy is associated with the loft, but also with the attic. Indeed, it is an excellent option for bringing in light if you are furnishing an apartment – ​​or simply a bedroom or a bathroom under the roof.

Open attics
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The glass roof opens the attic onto the surrounding landscape – and that is already a very good reason to adopt it. It is particularly relevant when the slope is vast and relatively low, because it avoids suffering an unpleasant impression of crushing. In this apartment, we opted for a total white look for the frame and the canopy, which accentuates the feeling of lightness.

The Canopies Hold The Spotlight
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If you are not afraid to start work and renovate an atypical property, perhaps you will find an old workshop or a disused factory. It is very likely that the premises already have a roof canopy. And if not, you should probably think about it, because it’s the best way to bring light into a very large building. In this renovated loft, it is associated with windows installed on the facades. These elements preserved in their own juice hold the star, and give all its character to the decoration.

A Small Dining Room That Takes Depth
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House extensions now provide remarkable technical performance, particularly in terms of insulation. They make it possible to gain in living space, by fitting out a parental suite as well as a living room or a kitchen. And they offer a great opportunity to adopt the roof canopy. Here, the extension accommodates the dining room. This long room is not very large, and yet the combination of the glass roof and a bay window creates a remarkable impression of depth and space.

A Bright Laundry Room
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The glass roof has such charm that we imagine it primarily in living rooms. However, we must not neglect its primary function: bringing in light. It’s a particularly smart choice in very dark and stuffy spaces, such as a small laundry room.

A Bright Office
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In a loft or any other type of property benefiting from a generous ceiling height, the mezzanine is an ideal solution to save space. Traditionally, it accommodates private spaces such as the bedroom, or rooms dedicated to calm, such as the office. The roof canopy is then a perfect solution for the places to benefit from a beautiful light.

Verrière De Toi The Importance Of Lighting
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It is always smart to take advantage of the exceptional light provided by the roof canopy. It is the ideal place to arrange the living room, the office or the dining room. But be careful not to neglect the lighting, which remains essential after dark!

How to sublimate the roof canopy?

Whether you opt for a retro or very contemporary model, the roof canopy always has a maximum effect, and it naturally catches the eye. The good idea is therefore to make it the highlight of your interior, and to stage it.

Winter Garden Atmosphere
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Rich green on the walls and vintage rugs on the floor: this conservatory-like living room offers a cozy atmosphere. The roof canopy only has more shine! Here is a space where it is good to chill during the day, but also in the evening while contemplating the starry sky.

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Why settle for a dark hallway when you can create an almost open-air space? The good idea: discreet spots, oriented towards the ground. Thus, the passage is secure day and night, but it is indeed the roof canopy that we notice.

A suspension that is forgotten
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To take full advantage of the natural light that enters through the roof window, beware of unwanted shadows! Here, we have chosen a contemporary chandelier made up of many transparent globes. Although this luminaire has extra large dimensions to ensure optimal lighting when it is dark, it lets light through perfectly in broad daylight.

A Resolutely Retro Spirit
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In this renovated workshop, the workshop canopy sets the tone. Cement tiling, raw wood parquet and revamped old dresser create an industrial interior with a resolutely retro feel. In this open kitchen where the light flows freely, we chose a muted green with a hint of gray, which softens the brightness and creates an aesthetic of great softness.

A Soft And Contemporary Loft Spirit
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To fit out this house extension, we preferred metal to wooden beams, in order to create a loft aesthetic. We like the choice of a pearl grey, which contrasts with the iconic black of industrial decoration. In a white and Scandinavian wood kitchen, this light shade is enough to highlight the beams and the roof canopy.

An Open Kitchen That Mirrors The Look Of The Roof Canopy
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Beneath its apparent simplicity, this roof canopy has a refined finish, in black enhanced with discreet copper reflections. The entire kitchen is in tune, and from the furniture to the floor tiles, each element comes in shades of black and copper. We love the hexagonal metal-effect tiles: not only does it perfectly reflect the design of the glass roof, but it also catches the natural light nicely.

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