10 tips for positioning it well

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Position your sofa against a wall

It’s a natural reflex, all of us tend to position the sofa against a wall. This solution makes it possible to give an impression of space and for good reason, thus positioned, the sofa follows the lines of the room. This solution is suitable for all situations. Whether your living room is small or rather large, it is possible to place it against a wall. In this case, it is important to choose a sofa that is proportional to the size of the wall and suitable for the dimensions of the room. Then why not decorate the wall behind it with pictures, shelves?

Another solution is to install ends of the sofa on the sides to create a space to put decoration or plants. You will thus bring a very personal touch to this space.

Lean your sofa against a piece of furniture

In a rather small living room, this solution, which consists of installing the sofa behind a piece of furniture, makes it possible to optimize the space. The piece of furniture can be a shelving system, a sideboard, a desk, etc. You thus benefit from an original solution to create different spaces. It can be a good option for an open living room, for example. For a harmonious result, the sofa and the piece of furniture with which it is associated must be in colors that match, the piece of furniture must not protrude from the sofa either in width or in height. However, it is better not to choose it too small so as not to create an imbalance.

Place your sofa under a window

You can choose to install your sofa in front of a window. However, this option should be avoided if the opening in question is a French window which would then be blocked. By placing it under the window you will benefit from a maximum of natural light. Make sure you can still access your window anyway. You will be able to sit comfortably to read, but also to benefit from the rays of the sun. However, it is necessary to provide a system, such as curtains, a blind, among others, to block the light from the window and protect you in summer or avoid reflections on the television.

Exploit the underside of the stairs

If your living space is spread over two levels, it is possible to install your sofa under the stairs. In this way, you use this often unused free space. It is obviously necessary that the staircase allows such an arrangement. You will enjoy a very cozy space. Be careful, however, not to install it entirely under the stairs, as this could give a feeling of oppression to the person sitting on the sofa. It can thus be placed at an angle. This solution can be used in small living rooms where every square centimeter needs to be optimized.

Install your sofa at an angle

For a living room in which all the space must be optimized, favor the installation of your sofa in a corner of this room. For small spaces, it is a very good solution that allows you to enjoy a cozy and warm living room. Obviously, you should choose the sofa according to the space, taking care not to block the opening of the windows and to keep enough space to move around.

Arrange your sofa in the room

We speak of a central arrangement when the sofa is no longer leaning against a wall in the room. It then structures the space differently. We can thus create an axis of circulation or use it to separate one space from another. There are many solutions for very different renderings, but, in all cases, it is necessary to have a living room large enough for this type of arrangement to work and, despite everything, to keep sufficiently wide circulation spaces. to be comfortable. You can choose to place it parallel to a wall, but offset from it, or why not diagonally for a more original configuration.

Position your sofa in front of the fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your living room, you can place your sofa in front of it. The problem with this type of arrangement is that you do not always know where to install the television to enjoy it comfortably. So, why not cut the pear in half by installing the sofa perpendicular to the fireplace? This way you have space for the TV while still enjoying the spectacle and the warmth of your fireplace. This gives rhythm to the room.

To protect your sofa, however, be careful not to install it too close to the heat source. In this case, opt instead for a discreet sofa to create a nice combination between the fireplace and the sofa, which then play shoulder to shoulder. A corner sofa is perfectly suited to this type of arrangement.

Sofa In Front Of The Fireplace
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Place your sofa back to the entrance

If you live in a small apartment without a hallway, you can choose to position your sofa with your back to the entrance. This configuration will allow you to delimit the entrance to the living room. Again, for this type of arrangement, a corner sofa is perfectly suited.

Form a couch circle

You can also opt for an arrangement of several rounded sofas. For this, prefer sofas in the shape of an arc which are very original. You will thus enjoy a lounge where conviviality will be king.

Face to face sofas

You want a friendly living room in which to enjoy moments of sharing, choose sofas installed face to face. Make sure that you can move easily between the furniture. For this, it is necessary to have a large living room to allow a harmonious layout.

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